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First use: use ECCO2 with EAGLE Manager

ECCO2 is designed to work with the EAGLE (compatible with EAGLE4, EAGLE LE, EAGLE3 and EAGLE2 – in order to work with EAGLE2 it requires update of OS and EAGLE Manager to v3) and, in order to automatically control dew heater power it doesn’t need any external software. In order to use the ECCO2 with EAGLE, please follow these steps:

1) Connect temperature sensors to the ECCO2: temperature sensor ports in the ECCO2 are numbered in the same order as the dew heater ports on the EAGLE. Connect temperature sensor to the ECCO2 port number corresponding to the port number on the EAGLE where you connected the dew heater. For example, if your telescope dew heater is connected to port 5 of your EAGLE, connect the temperature sensor to the port 5 of the ECCO2. Please do not connect the other side (the probe) to your telescope since, before start using the ECCO2, temperature probes will have to be calibrated. Please have the temperature probes free and not connected to different objects: for example you can leave them on the table or hanging freely.

2) Click on the ECCO button in the EAGLE Manager interface and, after a few seconds, ECCO2 will activate.

3) The ports of the ECCO2 where you connected the temperature sensors, will become red. This means that the temperature sensors have to be calibrated. When the temperature sensors are not calibrated, ECCO2 LED light is flashing.

4) In the EAGLE Manager, please click the ADVANCED SETTINGS button, this will open a new window. In the top right part of the new window, you will see the CALIBRATE button.

5) Click on the CALIBRATE button and you will see a red icon that will appear during calibration. When the calibration is complete you will see a “Calibration OK” notification, click OK to confirm and then click OK in the ADVANCED SETTINGS window to close.

6) The port (you connected both the dew heater and the temperature sensor) will become orange and this means ECCO2 is automatically controlling the dew power based on the dew point that will be displayed on the EAGLE Manager interface. From this moment ECCO2 takes control of the dew heater power based on the dew point and you can’t manually control power of the dew heater port in the EAGLE until you disconnect the temperature probe from the ECCO2.

7) Insert the temperature probe head between the dew heater you want to automatically control with the ECCO2 and the telescope optical tube.

8) Temperature readings in the ECCO2 are displayed in Celsius (°C). If you want to see temperatures in Fahrenheit (°F), please go to ADVANCED SETTINGS and select “°F” in Temperature option.