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Remote observatory control with EAGLE
Remote observatory control with EAGLEAstronomical observatories are often installed in remote and isolated places to avoid light pollution. In this article we will see how EAGLE helps control the remote observatory starting from the example of the Fiemme Astronomy Association that has an important astronomical observatory in Tesero (TN – Italy). The amateur astronomers in Fiemme Astronomy Association conduct global outreach by showing the beauty of the night sky to those vacationing in nearby hotels, visiting from all around the world! In order to do all of these, they have a large 50cm diameter Ritchey-Chretien telescope, together with a 18 cm diameter apochromatic refractor in parallel. All the telescopes are installed on a large fork equatorial mount.
How to choose the correct power source for your EAGLE
How to choose the correct power source for your EAGLEEAGLE allows you to distribute power to many devices used in telescopes and astrophotography (such as computerised mount, cooled camera, electronic focuser, dew heaters, etc.), thus eliminating the need for many different power supplies. Since the EAGLE allows you to have a unique power source (battery or AC adapter), it’s important to select the correct power source to properly power all the devices you want to use. CAUTION: EAGLE must be powered with 12V regulated voltage. You can use a power supply with 12V output voltage or a field battery. If you use a battery, this MUST be provided with a proper voltage stabilization. In case of any malfunction, immediately unplug the power supply.         Which battery or power supply have I to use for my equipment? The power supply or battery...
Improve your telescope cable management with EAGLE
Improve your telescope cable management with EAGLECable management in an astrophotography telescope is very difficult as it is necessary to use many devices (mount, camera, autoguider, electronic focuser, motorized filter wheel, etc.) that require data and power cables. If you connect all of these devices to a standard external computer, when the telescope moves, cables may pull or disconnect. Instead, by using the EAGLE, you can simplify cable management: you will need less and shorter cables that will move together with your telescope. In this article we’ll also compare cable management in telescopes with or without the EAGLE.