PrimaLuceLab is an Italian company with a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert users, founded in 2013 to create innovative solutions for remote space exploration. Our passion and mission is to offer professional-level technologies to astronomers, educational institutes (schools, universities, science museums) and research users (science institutes, space agencies) at an affordable price. Today our team is composed of 15 employees headquartered at our laboratory, warehouse and workshop in Porcia (PN – Italy). Our products range from smart astronomy devices used by astrophotographers all over the world to improve their telescopes to complete astronomical observatories and ground stations for astronomy education and research or for remote support of space missions.



Our complete solutions are already in use by schools, universities, institutions and agencies all around the world: from Europe to Africa, from the Americas to Asia. Starting by 2015 they have been shown in the most important astronomy and space events like American Astronomical Meeting, International Astronomical Union, SpaceCom and Space Tech Expo.



PrimaLuceLab is registered at "AIPAS - Association of Italian Space Enterprises and "AIR - Aerospace Innovation and Research" that include innovative italian companies. Italy has an important role in the space industry, acting also as valuable partner of the major world space actors. PrimaLuceLab supports international projects and activities in astronomy and space applications by working for educational and research institutes all over the world.



PrimaLuceLab headquarters is powered by renewable energy thanks to a large rooftop solar installation. And if we need more power from the electrical grid, we make sure the added power we request from the grid is created by clean energy sources. This is how PrimaLuceLab's headquarters is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.



Ai sensi dell'art. 1 c.125 della L. 124/2017, si segnala che l’importo delle sovvenzioni, contributi, incarichi retribuiti e comunque vantaggi economici di qualunque genere ricevuti dalle pubbliche amministrazioni e dai soggetti ad esse collegati, non aventi carattere generale e privi di natura corrispettiva, retributiva o risarcitoria, sono pubblicati nel Registro nazionale degli aiuti di Stato di cui all'articolo 52 della legge 24 dicembre 2012, n.234, a cui si rinvia ai sensi dell'articolo 3 - quater, comma 2, del decreto legge n. 135 del 2018.