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Troubleshooting: when I click on ECCO button in the EAGLE Manager, it doesn’t connect.

If you see the “No ECCO found” after you press ECCO button, this may be related to 3 causes:

EAGLE Manager: please make sure you are using the latest version of EAGLE Manager you can download from the DOWNLOAD section of our website. Also please make sure the EAGLE Manager is executed as Administrator.

Driver not automatically loaded by Windows: Windows may not properly load the driver when you connected ECCO’s USB cable to your EAGLE. With the ECCO2 disconnected from the USB port, please go to Control Panel, then select Device Manager. Here you see the list of all the devices. Please connect ECCO’s USB cable and you will see the list updating. If the new found device has a yellow mark, it means that the driver has not automatically loaded. Make a mouse right-click on it and select “Update Driver”. In the new window select “Browse my computer for driver software”, click on Browse button and select the folder where you previously unzipped the “ECCO2 software package” zip file, that includes also the system driver. This will manually install the ECCO2 driver, reboot your EAGLE and connect again to the ECCO2 in the EAGLE Manager.

Wrong driver loaded by Windows: ​if in the Control Panel the COM device hasn’t any yellow mark and it seems to be correctly loaded, the error may be related to a wrongly loaded driver. In this case please download the latest ECCO2 software package from the DOWNLOAD section of our website and unzip the file in your EAGLE. Then connect the ECCO2 to the EAGLE, and enter Control Panel -> Device Manager. Select the device with COM port associated to the ECCO2 (if you’re not sure what is the one associated to your ECCO2, just disconnect and reconnect the ECCO2 USB cable, you will see the list updating), make a right mouse click on it and select “Uninstall device”. In the new window that opens, select the option “Delete the driver software for this device” and click “Uninstall” button to proceed. This will uninstall the COM device and the related driver. Disconnect ECCO2’s USB cable from your EAGLE and connect again. Windows should automatically detect ECCO2 and install the new driver. You can now manually specify the folder address where you previously uncompressed the “ECCO2 software package” and, in particular, the “ECCO2 system driver” included in it.