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Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen...

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Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type and ESATTO 2"


Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type, one of the most used telescopes in the world, is now more precise thanks to the ESATTO 2" robotic microfocuser that eliminates the image shift typical of Schmidt-Cassegrains! This telescope is 203mm in diameter (f/10) and it's compact, lightweight and easy to collimate.

Composed of

ESATTO 2" robotic focuser
Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type


Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type and ESATTO 2": main features

Celestron C8-XLT is a Schmidt-Cassegrain 203mm f/10 telescope, ideal for those looking for a powerful instrument but easy to use and compact. It's an instrument with many possibilities of use, both visual and photographic. Its main features are high performance and ease of use, ideal for those looking for a telescope with a compact price and size but without quality compromising. If you are looking for bright optic to be used in deep-sky observation or astrophotography of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, but also at a high magnification of planets or double stars, the Celestron C8-XLT is the perfect telescope for you. 3 years of warranty on the optical tube!

  • Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen is a D:203mm F:2030mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • ESATTO is the most advanced and affordable robotic microfocuser


Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type and ESATTO 2



ESATTO: the most advanced and affordable robotic microfocuser!

Celestron C8-XLT telescope has an internal focuser without micrometric focus and that generates image shift, the movement of the image during focusing. This special version of the Celestron C8-XLT adds ESATTO 2", the new generation robotic focuser that you control by any Windows computer by connecting it to a USB port, or via WiFi by using ESATTO app on your smartphone or tablet with the Virtual HandPad! The 2” version of the ESATTO 2" has a depth of 67mm, it has 15mm of focuser tube travel, a 5kg payload capacity and an incredible resolution of 0,04 micron per step (and this is why we call it ESATTO)! And you can also expand ESATTO features by adding the ARCO robotic camera rotator!

Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type and ESATTO 2
Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Vixen type and ESATTO 2" and the following optional accessories: Losmandy style 350mm PLUS dovetail bar (above the tube), EAGLE installed in parallel (above the telescope) and ECCO environmental module.



The Celestron C8-XLT for deep-sky imaging

This special version of the Celestron C8 with ESATTO 2" is the ideal telescope for planetary imaging even in high resolution. Thanks to the optional focal reducer, its focal length can be reduced to f/6.3 making it very good also for deep-sky astrophotography. This optic it's also Fastar compatible, which allows the user to further reduce the focal length to f/2 (for photographic use only), so you can take pictures with very short exposure times, and in some cases autoguiding is not required. By adding EAGLE to the Celestron C8 telescope you can remotely control and power any camera, mount and accessory for astrophotography, using any of the most advanced astronomical software for Windows (you can install in the EAGLE the software you prefer) and converting your Celestron C8 into the most advanced robotic telescope.



Celestron C8-XLT with dovetail Losmandy type and ESATTO 2": scope of delivery

- Celestron C8-XLT optical tube

- ESATTO 2" robotic microfocuser

- Adapter ESATTO 2" for telescopes with SC thread

- Eyepiece Plossl 25mm 81x (31,8mm barrel)

- 50,8mm and 31,8mm visual-back

- 90° 31,8mm mirror diagonal

- Finderscope 6x30 with support

- Dovetail plate Vixen type

Hard/soft case
Support rings
Diameter (mm)
Optical Tube
Focal Length (mm)
Primario e secondario sferici, con lastra correttrice
Eyepiece holder
Focal Ratio
Optical Design
Field flattener/corrector
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