M48 male to T2 female adapter

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M48 male to T2 female adapter


The M48 male to T2 female adapter allows you to connect accessories with M48 thread (48x0.75 female) to those with T2 thread (42x0,75 male). Sometimes in fact the photographic accessories come with different threads: the T2 and the M48 are the most widespread and used.

This adapter is made entirely of metal and has black anodizing. The adapter is very thin and, when engaged, adds only 3mm thick to the accessory that is connected to.

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This M48 male to T2 female adapter can be used in many cases, for example to convert a M48 female thread into a T2 female one. In fact, some photographic accessories (such as some filter wheels or off axis guiders) are equipped with M48 female thread and using this adapter, you can connect them with other accessories that have a T2 male thread.

M48 male to T2 female adapter


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