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How to remotely control your ASCOM camera with PLAY
How to remotely control your ASCOM camera with PLAYIn this article we describe how to connect an ASCOM compatible astronomy camera manufactured by QHYCCD to PLAY astrophotography software. In fact, starting from 1.1 version, PLAY astrophotography software allows you to remotely control astronomy cameras from different manufacturers like QHYCCD that provide ASCOM drivers. This way you can use PLAY not only to control PrimaLuceLab devices but also to have a preview of image from your camera and to capture a sequence of images. Please note: in order to be used with PLAY, you have to use ASCOM Platform at least 6.5 version (camera’s ASCOM driver has to be tested with ASCOM 6.5) and you have to have at least ESATTO focuser, SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor or GIOTTO flat field generator.
First use: controlling GIOTTO with PLAY software
First use: controlling GIOTTO with PLAY softwareGIOTTO smart flat field generator includes specially designed electronic to connect it to computer’s USB port and control it with PLAY astrophotography software installed in your EAGLE or a standard Windows computer. PLAY allows you to control all the PrimaLuceLab devices within a single platform so you can make astrophotography in the easiest way with the camera and mount you prefer. But if you just want to control your GIOTTO, PLAY is designed also for this simple use, letting you easily record flat calibration files for astrophotography. In this article you can read how to control your GIOTTO with PLAY astrophotography software.