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Troubleshooting: ESATTO temperature probe doesn’t work

ESATTO is able to use a probe to detect ambient temperature. If, when you connect the probes and activate the connection to ESATTO from the FOCUSER Manager or PLAY, you do not get any temperature reading, this could be due to 2 factors:

  1. Probe connected after power up: the temperature probe must be connected to ESATTO before powering ESATTO (ESATTO turns on when you connect it to the USB port of the EAGLE or external computer or when you connect external 12V power). With ESATTO not connected to the USB port or to 12V power, first connect the temperature probe to ESATTO and then connect it to the USB port or 12V power. Now activate the connection to FOCUSER Manager or PLAY and check if the temperature is correctly displayed.
  2. Internal wiring in the connector jack is damaged: if you remove the temperature probe jack from the ESATTO by pulling the probe cable (and not holding the jack between your fingers), the internal cables may come loose from the connector. Unscrew the red part of the probe from the jack and check that the probe’s internal wiring looks like the below image, with all electrical wires connected to the connector. If you find one or more wires detached from the connector, you can reconnect them using a simple soldering iron. If you don’t know how to use it, you can contact us to request a new temperature probe.

Troubleshooting: ESATTO temperature probe doesn't work