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Telescope and accessories reviews

  • Star Adventurer versus EAGLE CORE kit: astrophotography with DSLR camera

    Star Adventurer and EAGLE CORE kit allow you to track the apparent motion of the stars in the sky and, if you have a DSLR camera, allow you to record long exposures of deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae or star clusters. But how long? In fact, the longer the exposition time that our instrumentation will allow us to have, the "deeper" our pictures will be, and the better we will record deep-sky objects. We then compared the Star Adventurer and EAGLE CORE highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each solution using a Nikon D750 DSLR camera and Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 G ED VR telephoto lens to record pictures.

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  • EAGLE review

    EAGLE is the telescope control unit, built to allow every user to take full control over the telescope setup via wifi from tablets, smartphones or personal computers. We can this way have a smart and fast control over our telescope under the night sky when we're out during a star party (i.e. on a mountain) comfortably sitting in our car. Imagine if it's winter and it's cold outside...

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  • AIRY APO104T refractor review

    AIRY APO104T :  apochromatic triplet 104mm diameter and 650mm focal length with f6.25 focal ratio. Double ED lens (usually triplets have only one ED lens), one is a FPL-53 and the other one is FPL-51, it ​​comes with markable intubation. Everything is identical to the high qualitative choice that distinguishes products by PrimaLuceLab. Aluminum tube scratch resistant textured white, with red details. Rings, designed for photographic use, are massive, red color, smooth and round with silver knobs. The tube is light but robust , internally well-blackened, with baffles .

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  • AIRY APO80 refractor review

    Refractor review Airy APO80: objective with FPL53 lenses shows a truly noteworthy intubation. White color aluminum tube, with brass details and red paint. The rings, for photographic use, are massive, smooth and rounded, red color with silver knobs, and are able to break the monochromaticity of the tube. The tube lightweight rugged, well-blackened internally, with internal shaped lens hood rings in the tube. Retractable dew shield, I have nothing more to add, I would say it has everything you need.

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