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Borg M49.8 adapter for Nikon Z 5032

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Borg M49.8 adapter for Nikon Z 5032


Borg M49.8 adapter 5032 allow you to connect photographic adapters, reducers, field flatteners and Borg telescopes to Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

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Borg M49.8 adapter for Nikon Z 5032 has Nikon Z bayonet on one side and female M49.8x0.75 thread on the other side, and it's designed to let you connect Nikon Z mirrorless cameras to Borg telescopes and correctors. This adapter has 9.3mm optical thickness.


Borg M49.8 adapter for Nikon Z 5032


If your corrector is designed for 55mm backfocus, since Nikon Z has the sensor at 16mm from the front bayonet, we suggest to add also Borg 7921 and 7922 rings in order to have a perfect 55mm backfocus. If you want to use a Borg telescope with corrector that is designed for 60mm backfocus and, in front of Nikon Z camera, you want to use the Borg filter slider 7519 (that allows you to use 2" filters against light pollution) we suggest the following configuration:

Borg telescope – 7602 – 7519 – 7923 – 5032 – Nikon Z


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