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RAL10PL receiver

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Quick Overview

RAL10PL is the 11.2 GHz radio receiver developed by RadioAstroLab specially for our Spider230 radio telescope.

It offers a higher sensitivity due to 265 MHz bandwidth, high stability thanks to the integrated thermal stabilization system and perfect integration with RadioUniverse control software (not included) that allows you to remotely control all the operating parameters. It also provides an internal power supply for the radio telescope mount, all enclosed in a waterproof box.

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A radiometer Total- Power is a very sensitive microwave receiver used to measure the temperature associated with the scenario intercepted by the antenna, since any natural object emits radio waves based on its temperature and its physical characteristics. The signal received by the antenna, amplified and converted in frequency by the LNB, is led by a coaxial cable to the RAL10PL receiver that measures its power. A post- detection amplifier adjusts the level of the detected signal to acquisition dynamics of the analog-digital converter (ADC with 14 bit resolution) that "digitalize" the radiometric information. This final block, managed by a microprocessor, processes the detected signal, sets the reference for the base line, the post-detection gain and the measure integration constant, provides for the formation of the serial data packet for communication with the control computer and stabilizes the internal temperature of the instrument.

Block diagram and internal structure of RAL10PL receiver (Copyright: RadioAstroLab)


Thermal stabilization for an improved stability

The receiver is thermo-stabilized (with an automatic control of the operating temperature) to minimize gain drift of the receiving system, optimizing the stability of the instrument. The integrated electronics measure the receiver temperature and implements a PID automatic control for the heater which maintains a constant internal temperature of the circuits: this function is very important in order to optimize the stability and repeatability in the measurements.


Remote control electronics for Spider230

RAL10PL also incorporates the control electronics used to remotely control Spider230 radio telescope via RadioUniverse software. So you can set the operating parameters such as gain, integration constant or base radiometric line but also to receive real-time data recorded by the receiver. RAL10PL has an RS232 serial port to which you can attach the radio telescope mount: everything is connected to the control computer via a single network cable. In this way you can place the computer up to 100 meters away.

RAL10PL receiver includes: 
- RAL10 receiver with 265 MHz bandpass and thermal stabilization
- IP65 waterproof box
- Control electronics throught Ethernet port
- Internal power supply with secondary output for mounts
- Power network cable
- User manual (english and italian)

Technical Specifications

Type Total-Power
Frequency 11,2 GHz
Bandwidth 265 MHz
Given with illuminator No
LNA included No
ADC resolution 14 bit
PC link Ethernet
Power 85-264 VAC / 47-63 Hz 60 W
Dimensions 300 x 200 x 180 mm
Weight 3 Kg

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