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QHYCCD CFW3M 5x50,8mm motorized USB filter wheel


QHYCCD CFW3M filter wheel, for 5 filters 50,8mm diameter, motorized and with USB connection to computer. If you are using a monochrome camera for astrophotography, in order to record color images you will need to use filters like the LRGB Sets or narrow-band filters such as H-alpha, O -III or S-II. For this application it's very useful to use a motorized filter wheel, controlled directly by the computer: controlled by an appropriate software, the QHYCCD CFW3M motorized filter wheel can move precisely and quickly the filters in front of your camera without introducing vibrations.

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QHYCFW3M is the third generation of QHYCCD motorized filter wheels that improved both the mechanical and electric design. It uses a new high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor. Compared to the normal stepper motor used in many filter wheels, the hybrid stepper motor has higher precision and smaller step angle. The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering the motor, thus improving reliability and motor life. The direction of filter rotation can be reversed: the filter carousel can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to complete the rotation quickly which is very convenient.


QHYCCD CFW3M 5x50,8mm motorized USB filter wheel


QHYCCD offers a complete line of motorized filter wheels, as you can see in the table below. Note: CFW3S and CFW3M are available also in "Thin" body model that allow you to insert filters up to 5mm in thickness. Please contact us if you're interested in this option.

Model Filters and diameter Thickness Maximum filters thickness Weight
QHYCFW3S 7 x 31,8mm 20mm 10mm 446 gr.
QHYCFW3M 5 x 50,8mm 20,5mm 10mm 728 gr.
QHYCFW3M-US 7 x 36mm 17mm 5.5mm 691 gr.
QHYCFW3L 7 x 50,8mm 21,5mm 10mm 911 gr.
QHYCFW3XL 9 x 50,8mm 21,5mm 10mm 1500 gr.



QHYCCD CFW3M 5x50,8mm motorized USB filter wheel: main specifications

- Motorized filter wheel with USB connection to the computer
- It lets you install up to 5 50,8mm diameter filters
- New hybrid stepper motor: more compact and precise
- Specially designed filter disk allow installation of filters with cells up to 10mm thick

- It requires no external power supply, it takes power from the USB port
- Supplied with 50,8mm nose adapter on telescope side



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