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Star trackers

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  1. SkyWatcher Star Adventurer star tracker

    If you want to take pictures of the night sky with your DSLR camera (using normal photographic lenses) or if you want to connect the camera body to a compact and lightweight telescope, the StarAdventurer is the product for you! StarAdventurer is a compact and lightweight star tracker which enables shooting spectacular wide field night sky pictures in an incredibly easy and fast. 3 years warranty!

    Install the StarAdventurer star tracker on a photographic tripod (we recommend the use of the optional equatorial wedge with fine adjustment of the Polar Star) and secure your camera: you are ready for astrophotography!

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  2. SkyWatcher Star Adventurer kit with equatorial wedge and tripod

    This kit includes, at a special price, the Star Adventurer star tracker, the equatorial head to let you perform a precise polar align and stable but lightweight designed for the Star Adventurer! 3 years warranty!

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Star trackers are compact and lightweight mounts that automatically track the apparent sky motion and allow the use of small telescopes or DSLR camera with photo lenses for astrophotography. Star trackers are the best mounts for travel instruments and allow to record wide field long exposure astrophotography in a very simple way.