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  • Correttore 2" per RC GSO Correttore 2" per RC GSO

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TS-Optics reducer/corrector 2.5" 0,95x for Newton

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Quick Overview

This coma corrector, designed from Massimo Riccardi, is perfect for astrophotography with newtonian telescopes and big camera sensors. It reduces focal ratio by a factor of 0,95x without changing the focus point and offers 45mm corrected and fully illuminated field of view. Working distance from 66mm to 71mm (based from on the telescope focal length).

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Massimo Riccardi designed a perfectly working 3 element coma corrector for newtonian telescopes. The corrector has a backfocus between 66mm to 71mm which is perfectly enough for DSLR cameras but also for imaging trains of CCD cameras, off-axis guiders and filter wheels.

Required backfocus and focuser:

Due to the length of the corrector the newtonian need a focus position lying 170mm above the tubes wall. It is therefore necessary that the corrector disappears inside the focusers drawtube, which means that the drawtubes diameter must at least be 62,4mm.

Working distance from the 65mm thread of the corrector - depending on the focal length.

♦ Focal length 600mm - Working distance 66mm
♦ Focal length 800mm - Working distance 68mm
♦ Focal length 1000mm - Working distance 69.5mm
♦ Focal length 1200mm - Working distance 69.75mm
♦ Focal length 1500mm - Working distance 70.5mm
♦ Focal length 1800mm - Working distance 71mm

Adaptions to M68 or M48 threads:

For small and medium sized sensors the adaption to M48 - 2" filterthread is enough. The adaptor "TSTV-M48A" offers a very short connection to M48 with only 1.1mm length. You can adapt the "TSOAG9M48" Off Axis Guider with only 11.2mm length. For bigger sensors we suggest the professional Zeiss Level M68x1 thread. The adaptor "M65i-M68a" needs no optical way and changes the 65mm thread to the M68x1 thead. You can connect the big "TSOAGM68" Off Axis Guider with only 16.7mm length. So you will have space enough for your DSLR or CCD camera.

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