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  • 1x field flattener for doublets refractors 1x field flattener for doublets refractors

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1x field flattener for doublets refractors

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Quick Overview

The field curvature is a normal effect that occurs in refractors and generates an image deformation (the stars are stretched) to the edges of the image itself. This effect is more visible when the focal ratio of the instrument is very short (for example f/5) and when large sensors are used (such as those of the DSLRs).

Our 1x field flattener, inserted into the focuser in front of the camera, flatten the field and does not reduce the focal length of the telescope. This accessory is perfect for AIRY refractors but is also suitable for other manufacturers' equipment with focal ratios from f/6 to f/8.

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Field curvature is a normal effect in all refractors that do not offer an inside flattener: using this optical flattener, the stars keep their pointlike shape also to the edge of the field and the focal length of the telescope will not be reduced. 

This 1x field flattener is the perfect photographic accessory for all AIRY refractors since it flattens the field even vith large sensors cameras (up to APS-C size 24x16mm). It fits in the 50.8mm focuser like a normal diagonal and it has, on the camera side, a T2 thread (male 42x0,75) for connection to the CCD cameras or DSLRs (with special T2 ring). On the telescope side it also provides a M48 thread for 50,8mm filters connection: thus you can add for example a filter for light pollution reduction.

This 1x field flattener, to work best, requires you to place the camera sensor at 55mm from the back of the flattener thread.

For DSLR cameras, this distance is normally achieved by positioning (between the flattener and the camera body) a normal T2 ring (DSLR sensor is normally placed at 44mm from the front bayonet and the T2 ring is usually 11mm thick - take a look at image below). 



The CCD cameras instead have the sensor placed forward so if you want to connect them directly to this flattener will require a T2 extension. For example, since the CCD ATIK 428EX or 460EX have a back focus (distance between the sensor and T2 front thread) of 13mm, you'll need a 42mm T2 extension (55mm - 13mm) to bring the sensor to the proper working distance from the field flattener. 


Technical specifications:
- does not decrease the focal length of the instrument 
- 50.8mm external diameter
- M48 front thread to connect 50,8mm filters

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  1. Spianatore 1X review by Fabio Semeraro on 10/31/2014

    Ottimo spianatore testato con un tubo f/6,7 e attualmente montato sull'AIRY APO120. Funziona alla grande fino ai bordi del campo sia con l'MZ9 che con la Canon 600D.

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