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  • AXIS adapter for 2" Hybrid-Drive focusers AXIS adapter for 2" Hybrid-Drive focusers

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AXIS adapter for 2" Hybrid-Drive focusers

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Quick Overview

The AXIS for 2" Hybrid-Drive focusers allows you to screw the flattener directly to the focuser without using normal locking screws. This way you avoid any possible flexure. This model is compatible with AIRY telescopes APO65F, ED72, APO80 and ED90.

This adapter has a telescope side thread for 50.8mm diameter filters.

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During long exposure astrophotographs imaging with AIRY refractors you normally use the field flattener inserted into the Hybrid-Drive focuser 50.8mm connection. If the camera used (cooled CCD or DSLR) is very heavy it may happen that the picture shows a slight deformation of the stars to the edges. This is not caused by the field curvature (since the use of the field flattener corrects it even with large sensors but by a slight flexure caused by the weight of the camera that does not remain perfectly on the optical axis of the telescope when you lock it with normal screws.

For this reason we designed the AXIS adapter that is screwed directly to the Hybrid-Drive focuser of your telescope APO65F, ED72, APO80 or ED90 AIRY telescope in place of 2" connection. So you can directly screw your 1x PrimaLuceLab flattener (by removing the 50,8mm front nose) and then the camera. This way you will have you a perfectly rigid system free of any flexure!

The AXIS adapter has, on the telescope side, an internal thread for the connection of 50.8mm diameter filters. This way you can use any filter, such as those for light pollution reduction.

AXIS adapter for 2" Hybrid-Drive focuser (1) with the 1x field flattener threaded (2) and then the CCD or DSLR camera (3)

Filippo explains how the AXIS adapters work. Subtitles available in english, please activate them by clicking on "subtitles" button.

Comparison pictures recorded by Francesco Pelizzo with AIRY APO80 and ATIK 414EX CCD camera: without AXIS to the left, with AXIS to the right. Stars in the image to the right are pinpoint while to the left are a little elongated (because of the weight of the imaging setup: camera + field flattener + filter wheel + photographic adapters).

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