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  • Telescopio computerizzato SkyWatcher Newton 200 HEQ5 SynScan Telescopio computerizzato SkyWatcher Newton 200 HEQ5 SynScan

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SkyWatcher Newton 200-1000 HEQ5 SynScan computerized telescope

Product code: SKBKP2001-DSF-SK-HEQ5-SYNSCAN-A

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Quick Overview

The SkyWatcher Newton 200 HEQ5 SynScan computerized telescope, thanks to its large diameter, is the perfect instrument to start discovering the sky as it combines high performance at a very affordable price. The computerized HEQ5 SynScan german equatorial mount with SynScan hand-pad (equipped with dual axis motor drive, tripod and polar scope) automatically points and tracks a large number of objects in the night sky, you just select what you want to see in the hand-pad of the telescope!

Thanks to our modular system of accessories, the Newton 200 HEQ5 SynScan computerized telescope is expandable and it can also be used for astrophotography. 3 years of warranty!

This offer contains:

SkyWatcher HEQ5 SynScan mount + 12V power supply

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SkyWatcher HEQ5 SynScan mount + 12V power supply

SkyWatcher Newton 200/1000 f5

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Telescopio SkyWatcher Newton 200/1000 f5 OTA

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With 200mm diameter, this telescope opens up new possibilities for those looking for a powerful yet affordable instrument. Compared to a 150mm diameter telescope, it collects 78% more light then it allows you to view and photograph the many details even of the most faint objects like galaxies or nebulae. Moreover, thanks to the larger diameter, it can generate higher magnifications and allow you to see finer details. Thanks to a small size secondary mirror with small secondary spiders (the supports of the secondary mirror), the images keep very good contrast even at high magnification.

The SkyWatcher Newton 200/1000 f5 telescope has a solid 50,8mm diameter Crayford focuser with 31.8mm adapter and 1:10 fine focus knob, better than the one of similar telescopes by other brands. Then it allows both to use wide-angle 50,8mm diameter eyepieces (for low magnification and large fields of view) and to connect large sensors camera (such as DSLRs): in this case we recommend the use of the coma corrector for f5 telescopes that flattens the field.



SynScan hand-pad firmware 4: precise tracking and automatic goto and many functions

The SkyWatcher HEQ5 SynScan mount uses SynScan computer to control all functions, even the most advanced ones dedicated to astrophotography. The main functions are:

- 42.000 objects internal database
- 1, 2 or 3 stars guided alignment
- Sidereal, solar or lunar tracking speed
- Slewing speed from 2x to 800x 
- 4 version firmware, upgradable through the internet (more internal memory than the previous version to let you more upgrades in the future)
- PEC (Periodic Error Correction), PAE (Pointing Accuracy Enhancement) advanced functions and assisted polar alignment.

At the base of the hand-pad, you can find the computer connection port: via the supplied cable, you can connect the mount to a computer to control it remotely. Then you can use one of the many compatible planetary software (such as Cartes du Ciel) to control the mount not only from the hand-pad but directly from the PC.

Using the same cable connection, you can update the  hand-pad firmware by downloading the updates that SkyWatcher periodically releases on the internet. The SynScan hand-pad is also compatible with the GPS accessory: it automatically detects the location of the place of observation (latitudine and longitude), date and time for an easier and more precise initial alignment procedure of the mount itself.

SkyWatcher Newton 200-1000 computerized telescope - scope of delivery:

- NEWTON D:200mm F:1000mm f/5 OTA telescope

- Aluminum tube

- 50,8mm Crayford focuser with 31.8mm adapter and 1:10 fine focus knob

- Support rings and Vixen style dovetail bar

- LET 28mm eyepiece, 50.8mm diameter

- 9x50 finder with support 

- Complete HEQ5 SynScan mount (head + tripod)

- SynScan hand-pad

- 2 x 5 Kg counterweights

- Illuminater polar scope

- PC connection cable (RS-232 serial port)

- 12V power cable (cigarette lighter socket)

Do you want more? Discover how to how to improve SkyWatcher Newton 200-1000 HEQ5 computerized telescope with our PrimaLuceLab accessories. In the picture below, we installed our Big Dovetail Clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS for HEQ5 (that adds the Losmandy connection to HEQ5) and EAGLE control unit that makes the telescope easier to use and to transport and the PLUS guide rings with guide camera.



What is EAGLE?

EAGLE is the innovative control unit for telescopes designed by PrimaLuceLab that makes astrophotography easier and quicker. In fact it replaces the normal laptop that usually is used to control the telescope and the cameras for astrophotography. But EAGLE needs lot less current therefore it does not require large and heavy field batteries to power the telescope for the whole night. Also. EAGLE powers all the parts of your telescope, such the mount or the camera: in this way you will not bring many power supplies, and you can use your telescope with fewer cables. EAGLE uses a Windows system (so it's compatible with all the astronomy products, and you can install any software you want to use, in addition to pre-installed one) that you can control from any tablet, smartphone or other external PC via the WiFi network that EAGLE creates at power up.



Technical specifications

Diameter (mm) 200mm
Focal length (mm): 1000mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Mount: German computerized
Portability Good
Weight (Kg): 33 Kg

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