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On 9 and 10 April we had our best products to the Northeast Astronomy Forum, near New York (USA). The NEAF is one of the largest and most important telescopes trade show in the world, and we were in the booth of our official distributor Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes, with AIRY apochromatic refractors, PLUS mechanical system, OnAxisLock eyepiece holder, EAGLE control unit, Canon EOS and Nikon astronomy modified cameras, and Spider230 radio telescope!



The new products we presented in NEAF: 



SESTO SENSO electronic focusing control

Our new SESTO SENSO ("sixth sense") electronic focusing control allows you to control, from the handpad or from the control computer through a convenient USB port, the focuser which is moved through a high precision stepper motor. Thanks to a special integrated encoder, the user moves the focuser with a mixing valve. Unlike traditional electronic focusers, our SESTO SENSO is much more accurate ensuring movements of only 6 microns!

The SESTO SENSO electronic focusing control is designed to be very simple to install. It does not require modifications to the focuser, it installs very simply in place of the fine adjustment knob, and it doesn't use external pulleys. It's compatible with all AIRY, NEWTON telescopes and with OrionOpticsUK models (it is also compatible with Takahashi and Baader focusers).

Using an encoder and temperature sensor, it comes with a special ASCOM driver for remote control with all astrophotography softwares that support the focuser control.


AIRY H-alpha solar telescope powered by DayStar

With the collaboration of DayStar, famous American company that builds telescopes sun filters, we present our AIRY solar telescopes using Quark filter to select the H-alpha band (allowing you to observe the fantastic details like prominences and filaments) and special front protection filter that protects the telescope when pointed at the Aun.

The observation (or imaging) of the Sun is one of the few daytime activities you can do with telescopes. Normal sun filters in white light allow you to observe only a few details (sunspots). in order to observe and photograph the most of the Sun you can use the H-alpha solar telescopes but they are dedicated only to this use and they are also very expensive. Our solution consists of front protective filter and the rear DayStar Quark filter, allowing you to convert AIRY telescopes in great solar telescopes, at a lower cost!

The cell of the front protective filter is specifically designed for AIRY telescopes, using a filter that absorbs the infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and that let user close the telescope with the original AIRY front cap (for proper protection).



ALL NIGHT 20A lithium battery

EAGLE, our innovative control unit for telescopes, not only avoids the use of an external cmputer on the field but it also reduces the size (and weight) of the battery that is usually used to power all night the entire astrophotography setup. in order to make your telescope even quicker and easier to transport, we have developed the ALL NIGHT 20Alithium battery that is connected directly to EAGLE, provides power to the mount, photographic accessories and Eagle itself for all night (maximum power consumption: 4 Ampere/hour).

The  ALL NIGHT 20A battery is particularly suitable for those who use the telescopes with DSLR cameras. For those who want to use the telescope with cooled CCD cameras (which require more power), we are preparing a higher capacity battery.

This battery, very compact and lightweight, has an LCD screen where you can constantly display the remaining charge percentage. It also comes with a convenient carrying case that allows you to, for example, to secure it to your mount (thus avoiding, thanks to Eagle, that no cables go to the ground).




Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about the new SESTO SENSO electronic focusing control for ‪‎telescopes‬ during the ‪NEAF2016‬ trade show!
Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about the EAGLE ‪‎telescope‬ control unit and ALL NIGHT 20A battery during the ‪NEAF2016‬ trade show!
Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about the AIRY apochromatic refractor ‪telescopes‬ with optional H-alpha solar filters and photographic accessories (field flatteners, focal reducers and variable projection eyepieces) during the ‪NEAF2016‬ trade show!
Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about the 700Da Cooled camera (based on Canon EOS T5i) and uncooled D5500a camera (based on Nikon D5500), modified for ‪astrophotography‬, during the ‪NEAF2016‬ trade show!
Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about Spider230 amateur ‪radio telescope‬ on equatorial mount and ‪radio astronomy‬ book during ‎NEAF2016‬ trade show!