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  • Astrophotography cable management with EAGLE

    Astrophotography cable management is complicated by the fact that a telescope to photograph the universe consists of many devices (mount, camera, autoguider, electronic focuser, motorized filter wheel, etc.) that must be connected to a control computer and to a power source. Thanks to EAGLE it is possible to simplify a lot the cable management and, thanks to its patented design, they will no longer pull or disconnect. Let's see in this article how to best manage cables in astrophotography with the EAGLE control unit, checking what happens to the cables when we control the same telescope with a classic laptop computer.

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  • Transport a large telescope

    In order to transport a large telescope, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of optical tube, mount, cameras and accessories but we always suggest to keep the various components pre-assembled to avoid losing too much time when preparing the telescope in the field. Let's see how we managed to transport a large telescope using different bags and rigid cases to reach places with low light pollution, moving quickly in the car and allowing us to spend more time using the telescope and less to prepare it. At the end we will see the result of the First Light of our telescope and the verification of the optical tube collimation!

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  • One telescope to do everything!

    Is it possible to have a single telescope to observe and take pictures of any object in the Universe, easy to use, power and transport? Is it possible to have a telescope that has the power of a small astronomical observatory but with the portability of an amateur telescope? After more than 20 years of experience in sky observation and astrophotography, we decided to launch a challenge, first of all to ourselves. And we want to share with you this challenge, showing you which telescope, mount, camera and accessories we chose, how to use it to observe and take pictures of any object in the sky, from planets and the Moon in high resolution to deep-sky objects like galaxies, nebulae and star clusters!

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