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  • Remote observatory control with EAGLE

    Astronomical observatories are often installed in remote and isolated places to avoid light pollution. In this article we will see how EAGLE helps control the remote observatory starting from the example of the Cortina Astronomical Association that has an important astronomical observatory in Col Drusciè, at 1,780 meters above sea level above Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy). The entire observatory can be remotely controlled via the Internet thanks to a sophisticated and innovative "Sky on the Web" Internet control system, which allows control of remote observatory: from pointing, to imaging, to weather emergency management, up to archiving and downloading images on home computer.

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  • Telescopes for beginners: what to choose

    The best telescopes for beginners are not the cheapest ones but the ones that really will let you easily observe and photograph the Universe. For this reason we always advise to avoid buying a too cheap telescope that won't allow you to enjoy observing and photographing the Universe. Discover the best telescopes for beginners in this guide. When we talk to people who ask us about the best telescopes for beginners, we get a lot of questions. Here you have the main ones here. Note: obviously this is an introductory guide and it can not be, due to the nature of our ACADEMY blog, a complete guide.

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  • How to update EAGLE CORE with iOS 11

    How to update EAGLE CORE with iOS 11: starting from version 11 (released in September 2017), the iOS operative system by Apple has added the File application that now allows us to upgrade the EAGLE CORE firmware even from iPhone or iPad. We periodically update the EAGLE CORE by adding new features and new cameras supported and, if you have verified that your EAGLE CORE does not have the latest firmware available on our website (click here to download), you can follow this procedure to update it. Open your File application on your iPhone or iPad, then select iCloud Drive. Continue reading