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TS-Optics TSOAG9 off axis guider

Product code: TSOAG9

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Quick Overview

The TSOAG9 is the shortest off axis guider we know. However, this guider offers all functions for a successful use. Extremely short length - only 9 mm and around 11mm adding one of the optional camera adapters. Large clear aperture of more than 45 mm, thus suitable for full-frame sensors. Flexible usage - many adaptors available for different correctors, reducers and coma correctors. Camera side connectors: optional T2, M48, M42x1 and Canon EOS. Easy focusing of the autoguider by shifting the T2 connection. The prism can be freely adjusted for allowing best possible illumination without shading. There are three positions available for the prism and the lateral insight.

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The short TSOAG9 off-axis guider can be used with almost every telescope and substitutes the guiding scope. Guiding becomes more accurate and the mount has to bear less load. The TSOAG9 is the shortest off-axis guider of its class - especially suitable for adaptions where only little space is available. Nevertheless, the TSOAG9 offers convincing features. The advantages and features of the TSOAG9:

- Short design: only 11.4 mm from the M48 thread to the camera side connection.
- Best illumination: 45.5 mm clear aperture - in addition, the prism can be freely adjusted to avoid shading.
- Easy focusing of the autoguider: the lateral T2 connector can be adjusted as well, making possible to focus the autoguider without changing the distance from the main camera to the corrector.
- Three possible positions from the camera to the prism: due to the special design of the connecting adapters to T2, EOS or M48, three positions of the prism to the camera sensor are possible. This avoids shading by the prism, too.
- Flexible adaption at the camera side: in the accessories section, you can find the necessary connecting adapters to T2, M42, M48 and EOS. The adapters do not extend the length of the off-axis guider.

Connecting the TSOAG9 to the telescope or the corrector:

At the telescope side, the TSOAG9 has a short 2" barrel with an M48x0.75 / 2" filter thread. This allows for a flexible adaption in order to:

1) connection to a 2" receptacle: With the 2" extension ring TSVF230, you can attach the TSOAG9 to any 2" receptacles.

2) connection to correctors with T2 or M48 thread: The TSOAG9 can directly be attached to correctors or reducers with M48 connection. The adapter TST2-M48s or TST2-M48L allows for attaching to correctors with T2 connection.

How to connect the imaging camera to TSOAG9:

For a suitable camera connection, you NEED TO ORDER ALSO the optional connecting adapter. The adapters are made for the TSOAG9 and match perfectly. The adapters are conical, always ensuring the optimal position. At the same time, you can take down the camera without unscrewing it.

- TSOAG9-T2 ... for any other connections via the M42x0.75 / T2 thread
- TSOAG9-M42 ... the M42x1 connection is used mainly for a short adaption of DSLR cameras.
- TSOAG9-M48 ... for any other connections via the M48x0.75 / 2" filter thread
- TSOAG9-EOS ... allows the direct connection of Canon EOS DSLR cameras.

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