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  • SESTO SENSO motorizzazione robotica per focheggiatori SESTO SENSO motorizzazione robotica per focheggiatori

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SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

Product code: SESTOSENSO

Quick Overview

SESTO SENSO is the robotic focusing motor for your telescope! Compatible with most focusers, install it in place of the micrometer knob and connect it to USB port of the EAGLE or Windows computer to remotely control without vibration and with high precision your telescope's focuser. The supplied software and ASCOM driver allow you to easily set up many advanced features of SESTO SENSO, especially useful for astrophotography. Thanks to the precise control motor with integrated electronics, SESTO SENSO achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns!

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Thanks to a deep design, PrimaLuceLab engineers have created the SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor for telescopes, incorporating all the elements usually outside in normal motorized focusing systems. Systems consisting of a motor with separate control box and connecting cables are the past, SESTO SENSO encloses in a compact metal box (dimensions 87 x 60 x 43mm) both the motor and the control electronics. All with the great design PrimaLuceLab create for all its products.

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

Compact, lightweight and integrated design

SESTO SENSO has 3 ports. In the picture below, to the right you see the 12V power supply port that powers the motor and integrated electronics. Using the power cable provided in the package, it can be powered by a common cigarette lighter socket. Alternatively, an optional cable is also available to power it directly from the EAGLE. At the center you see the USB connection port that connects SESTO SENSO to EAGLE or to another control computer, using the cable provided in the box. To the left you see the port for connecting the optional temperature sensor and allowing you to perform auto focus adjustment procedures with the ambient temperature variation.

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

Compatible with many focusers

Thanks to special design, SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor is compatible with many focusers, thanks to the bushing kit supplied in the package. You just have to choose the right bushing for your focuser and install SESTO SENSO, it's very simple! Another advantage of our design is to be able to easily move SESTO SENSO from one telescope to another. If you change telescope, you can easily connect SENSO SENSO to your new instrument! Compatible models:

- Hybrid-Drive focusers of PrimaLuceLab AIRY refractors (ED72, APO80, BLACK 80T, ED90, ED100, APO104T, APO120, APO150T)

- Focusers of OrionOpticsUK VX and CT

- 2" and 3" focusers of GSO RC telescopes

- Crayford focusers of SkyWatcher ED80, ED100, ED120 and Newton f/4 - f/5 telescopes

- Baader SteelTrack focusers

- Moonlight focusers

- 2" Feather Touch focusers by Starlight Instruments

- 2,5" and 3" Feather Touch focusers by Starlight Instruments (by adding the optional 33mm adapter)

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

ASCOM driver and configuration software

SESTO SENSO has been designed for astrophotography and provides all functions with commands useful for even the toughest pictures. It comes with SESTO SENSO software that allow you to control the focuser and ASCOM drivers, so you can use it with the most popular astrophotography software such as BackyardEOS, BackyardNikon, MaximDL, FocusMax, Voyager, Sequence Generator Pro and others. If the recording software supports more focusers, you can also use more SESTO SENSO at the same time. SESTO SENSO software allows you to adjust various advanced settings:

- Movement speed and acceleration/deceleration ramps

- Motor torque to increase the focuser weight load capacity of the camera when the focuser is stationary

- Moving and positioning test with reading of steps number

- Selection of pre-settings for low, medium and heavy loads

- Reading of stored settings in the internal electronics

- Reading of temperature (requires optional temperature probe)

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor - scope of delivery


- power cable for cigarette plug

- micro USB cable

- Set of screwdrivers and nipple for assembly

- Set 5 bushing for different focusers

- USB per with ASCOM driver, control and setting software, PDF user manuals (italian and english)

SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor

SESTO SENSO encloses in a compact metal box (dimensions 87 x 60 x 43mm) both the motor and the control electronics. All with the great design PrimaLuceLab create for all its products.

Technical specifications

Type: Focuser motor
For telescopes No
Diameter No
Micrometric focus knob Yes
Loading up to (Kg) No
Travel (mm) No
Thickness when closed (mm) No

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  1. Prodotto notevole, e che potrebbe essere la perfezione! review by Gianluca Beccani on 2/22/2019

    Ho appena finito di installarlo, fisicamente e via software: il prodotto ha una realizzazione di pregio, funziona molto bene e s'interfaccia molto bene con software di terze parti via driver ascom. Ho avuto alcuni problemi in fase di montaggio, legati al suo adattatore da 33 mm, per il quale non sono fornite istruzioni di montaggio; in particolare la boccola fornita, sul mio focheggiatore Sharpstar/APM da 3" risulta essere un po' corta, e si deve quindi evitare di spingerla a battuta lato telescopio...altrimenti i grani lato Sesto Senso non arrivano a trattenere l'asse del motore. A parte questo ritengo si possa rendere ancora migliore, semplicemente rendendo l'attacco al focheggiatore rimovibile piuttosto che solidale al suo corpo: fatto questo basterebbe, in fase di acquisto, selezionare il tipo di attacco, piuttosto che acquistare l'adattatore aggiuntivo, che oltretutto distanzia ulteriormente Sesto Senso dall'asse del telescopio. Nel mio caso, e già lo sapevo, non posso più trasportare il mio rifrattore nella sua valigia rigida. Non mi resta che provarlo, ma per adesso sono molto soddisfatto!

  2. Eccellente review by Max on 1/15/2019

    Confermo quanto detto da altri, prodotto eccellente, di facilissima installazione, funzionamento precisissimo.

  3. Neat, Clean Package review by JLManatee on 10/23/2017

    I like the compact design which includes the motor and controller in one package making it lighter and cleaner than other motor/controller combinations. The use of the a micro USB connector is nice too. Another manufacturer uses a DB-9 connector which to my mind makes the cabling stiffer and bulkier.
    I've had the controller kind of "lose its mind" once or twice on power up or when I've made current and speed adjustments. When this happens, I've had to re-install the firmware.
    I have one suggestion that could make it an even better unit. Some focuser micrometer shafts are not perfectly aligned and tend to oscillate. This can make the motor bind and stall. A flexible connector, using a u-joint or other mechanism might be incorporated. I'm looking at retro-fitting an RC boat's driveshaft component to facilitate this.

  4. Excellent product review by Vikrant on 10/20/2017

    I preferred SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor over other similar product because of its versatility for starlight Xpress feather touch microfocuser/GSO/moonlite. It is nicely working with other software like MaximDL/APT/PRiSM v10.

  5. L'essenza dell'estetica e funzionalità review by Fabio Semeraro on 8/18/2017

    Finalmente è arrivato, piccolo, compatto e molto versatile. Il montaggio è rapidissimo e naturalmente calza a pennello col mio AIRY APO104T. Le prime prove sul campo sono state molto soddisfacenti, grazie al software che permette un'infinità di regolazioni, dall'accelerazione/decelerazione, velocità e regolazione di potenza del motore. Ora il mio setup è totally PrimaLuceLab. Pienamente soddisfatto.

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