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  • Daystar Quark Chromosphere H-alpha solar filter (0.3-0.5A) Daystar Quark Chromosphere H-alpha solar filter (0.3-0.5A)

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Daystar Quark Chromosphere H-alpha solar filter (0.3-0.5A)

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Quick Overview

Daystar Quark Chromosphere (0.3-0.5A) is the H-alpha filter for solar observation and imaging, compact and easy to install in any telescope! The Quark filter is available in 2 versions: the Chromosphere version, with 0.3-0.5A bandwidth, is more suitable for photographic application with monochrome camera. The Daystar Quark filter is installed in the telescope focuser: for example, if you use a refractor, first insert the diagonal mirror in the focuser, then the Quark filter, so the camera or the eyepiece. In order to protect your telescope when it is pointed at the Sun, we recommend installing a ERF protective filter (Energy Rejection Filter).

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The special design of the Quark includes all the components needed to transform your telescope into a high performance H-alpha solar telescope: it includes H-alpha solar filter, internal telecentric 4,2x Barlow (with internal anti-reflective coating and optical design specifically designed for H-alpha and to obtain a larger flat field) and adapters. All this to allow you to have a great quality and performance product at an affordable price.


Daystar Quark Chromosphere H-alpha solar filter (0.3-0.5A)

H-alpha Quark solar filter with AIRY ED100 telescope: Quark is inserted in the diagonal mirror that, in turn, is inserted in the focuser.


Using it with a long focal length eyepieces you can observe the entire solar disk with refractors up to about 500mm focal length (it varies depending on the used eyepiece) . A further advantage of Daystar Quark filter is also to have no limitation on the size of the telescope which is used: in fact, it can also be used on large diameter refractors to obtain really high magnifications and resolution capability. Perfect for use with refractor telescopes (with focal ratio from f/4 to f/8) where the Quark is installed directly on the mirror diagonal, then with the eyepiece or camera. In order to protect the telescope when it is directly pointed at the sun, you can choose one of our ERF protection filters that, eliminating the infrared radiation, avoids to ohigh heat inside the telescope.

Daystar Quark Chromosphere H-alpha solar filter (0.3-0.5A)

ERF protection filter, installed in front of the optics, protects the telescope when pointed directly at the Sun.


Note: the Quark filter is available in 2 versions: Chromosphere with bandwidth 0.3-0.5A and Prominence with 0.6-0.8A bandwidth. The first, with less bandwidth, provides a higher contrast but less light. So it's more suitable for the photo application, especially with monochromatic cameras. The second, with a larger bandwidth, is more suitable for visual use, especially for the observation of the protuberances on the edge of the solar disk. You can choose the model you like, they are available at the same price.


Technical specifications:

H-alfa solar filter with 0.3-0.5A bandwidth
Integrated 4,2x telecentric Barlow lens, optimized for H-alpha line
Integrated 12mm blocking filter
Filter free aperture: 21mm
1.25" and 2" connection
1.25" internal brass ring to protect the inserted accessory
Band tuning knob  +/- 0.5Å
LED light for power, heating, ready, fail
Power from USB port, 5V 1.5A (it can be powered using a portable lithium battery)
Power unit included
5 years warranty

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