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  • Astronomik filtro UHC 31,8mm Astronomik filtro UHC 31,8mm

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Astronomik OIII 12nm CCD Sony Alpha7 Clip filter

Product code: AS8H00XI

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Quick Overview

The Astronomik OIII 12nm CCD Sony Alpha 7 Clip filter is suitable for imaging of OIII nebulas from observation sites with light pollution and from dark sites as well. The contrast between an object glowing at 501nm and the background is increased enormous!

The Sony Alpha 7 Clip model plugs directly into the Sony Alpha 7 camera body so it is very practical to use.

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Due to the combination of the narrow bandwidth of 12nm and the high transmission of typically 96% the filter gives you an contrast boost, as all unwanted light from other wavelengths than 501nm is blocked form UV up to the IR. This results in an very dark background compared with any filters with a higher bandwidth. The FWHM of 12nm is optimized for typical DSLR cameras with CMOS sensors and CCD cameras with a normal/high dark current: With these cameras the background signal in images taken from heavily light polluted sites is dominated by the dark current of the sensor, not by fluy coming from light pollution. In this case a further reduction of FWHM does not improve the image, as the background will not get darker. Compared to the 6nm filters you have more stars in the field of view which gives you more guiding stars when working with an integrated/dual guiding chip!


Main use

The filter blocks all unwanted light from artifical light-pollution, natural airglow and moonlight. Especially light from High- and Low-Pressure Sodium and mercury lights and all lines of natural airglow are 100% blocked. The filter increases the contrast between the sky-background and objects.




Guaranteed Transmission of more than 90% at the OIII Line (501 nm)
Typical Transmission of 96% at the OIII Line (501 nm)
Full-Width-Half Maximum (FWHM): 12nm
perfect blocking of unwanted light from UV up to the IR
parfokal with all Astronomik filters
MFR Coating technique: Usable with all optics up to f/3
Thickness of 1mm
Not sensitive to moisture, scratch resistant, not aging
opticaly polished substrate, striae-free and free of residual stresses
High quality storage box


This filter is compatible with all Sony Alpha 7 ( 7-7R-7S-MkI-MkII-MkII) Sony Alpha 9

Not compatible with: Alpha 58-68-77-99-6500 and all Sony DSLR with baionet


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