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  • TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel

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TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel

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To change filters should not be a problem! TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel lets you instantly change the filters without removing every time all the connected accessories! In fact, you can enter up to 5 50.8 mm diameter filters within our filter wheel and leave them installed. To change the filter you just act on the convenient and accurate mechanism that rotates the holder to select the one you want to use.

In addition to the ability to comfortably install up to 5 filters allowing you to create your own set always ready for any object, thanks to the possibility to install 50.8mm diameter filters, this wheel is perfect for use with large cameras sensors (up to FullFrame 24x36mm). In fact, the 48mm clear aperture helps avoid vignetting!

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The filter wheel is a handy accessory that allows you to install up to 5 50,8mm diameter filters inside the wheel itself: the filters are screwed and can be left installed. In this way you will not have to remove the camera from the telescope every time you want to change the filter: all you need to act on the comfortable internal mechanism to rotate the holder and select the model you need! TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel uses a precise movement with ball bearings to properly set the filter and provides a convenient snap to indicate the center point of the filter.



TS-Optics 5x50,8mm manual filter wheel offers, on the telescope side, a M48 female thread (48x0,75) and comes standard with M48-50,8mm adapter to connect in any 50.8mm diameter focuser and a 50.8mm visual back. On the camera side, it has a M48 male thread (48x0,75) to allow, for example, direct connection to a CCD camera (or even a DSLR). More, it also has a convenient locking ring that allows you to lock the camera at a precise angle to allow you to perfectly frame the object to be photographed.



The manual filter wheel is 29.5mm thick (from telescope side M48 thread to camera side M48 thread). Adding the M48-50,8mm adapter provided with the package, 2mm are added.

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