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Click here to download user manuals in PDF format:

EAGLE2 italian user manual (dimension 7 MB)

EAGLE2 english user manual (dimension 7 MB)

EAGLE CORE italian and english user manual (dimension 3.5 MB)

- SESTO SENSO italian user manual

- SESTO SENSO english user manual







EAGLE CORE firmware update


Last version 1.0.20 01/12/2017:

1) added support to Canon EOS 450D, 1300D, 750D, 70D and Nikon D800E cameras


Update version 1.0.15 24/07/2017:

1) added support to Canon EOS 60D and 60Da
2) added support to Canon EOS 5D Mark III
3) added + and - button to decrease/increase Y scale of guide graph
4) “guiding” button is now disabled during Calibration


Update version 1.0.10 31/05/2017:

1) Fixed an even that could pause autoguide
2) Fixed guide star selection with a tap on the screen
3) Increased system speed


Update version 1.0.9 24/05/2017:

1) Fixed the exposition times for the QHY5L-II camera
2) Now the image resolution of the QHY5L-II camera is correctly set
3) Added option black/white for the guide camera
4) "matrix width" and "matrix height" values are now correctly visualized
5) Added the parameter "Guiding rate" in "Advanced settings"
6) Added support to Nikon D750 camera






Click here to download EAGLE CORE 1.0.20 firmware


How to update:

Download the zip file and unzip in one directory of your computer. The update files have .enc format. Turn on EAGLE CORE and connect to it using your computer WiFi connectivity. Then go to the menu, click "Update" and open a page, here you can select the installation file you saved on your computer and press the OK button. A confirmation prompt will appear: "Apply update? NOTE: System will be rebooted!” Confirm with OK, the system will be updated and restarted. During the upgrade process you do not have to power off EAGLE CORE, or EAGLE OS could be damaged irreparably. You have to wait for EAGLE CORE to restart and re-create the WiFi network.

EAGLE CORE update can be performed on Android and Apple devices with iOS operative system starting from iOS 11.







SESTO SENSO firmware update

Last version 2.0 07/02/2018:

1) New 2.0 firmware with focusers limits now saved in SENSO SENSO internal memory
2) New 2.0 software to control and set SESTO SENSO
3) New ASCOM drivers for 2.0 firmware

Update version 1.1 03/08/2017:

1) Corrected focuser hold current managing
2) You can connect temperature sensor also after powering on the focuser














Click here to download SESTO SENSO 2.0 firmware