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  • ScopeDome osservatorio 4M ScopeDome osservatorio 4M

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ScopeDome 4M observatory

Product code: SCD4M-B

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Quick Overview

ScopeDome 4M observatory 4 meter diameter dome is made from 6mm glass polyester laminate (GFK), which guarantees complete protection against all environmental influences, simultaneously providing a high level of stability and guaranteed longevity. A proprietary special reinforcement rib system on the inside of shell construction, provides additional rigidness. The water tightness of the dome is warranted by a special design of joints and surfaces, that prevent ingress of water or snow in the dome. Note: no Free Shipping with UPS Standard option available for this product. Shipping cost to be quoted separately.

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A large, "dome-around" air gap in the base ring prevents excessive daytime heating of the interior and easy temperature equalization during nighttime observing, as soon as the dome is opened. The large observing window, with a width of 1m, allows unhindered observing for telescopes with diameters of up to 80 cm. The observing window has been designed in such a way, that an unobstructed view of the zenith is possible. The dome comes complete with all all necessary motor hardware for dome rotation and shutter window. All control electronics is house in patented watertight cabinets.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome 4M observatory: optional accessories

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome rotation dome motor for 4M

ScopeDome rotation dome motor for 4M allows remote rotation of the of the 4M dome. For operation, it requires the Arduino Card.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome shutter motor for 4M

ScopeDome shutter motor for 4M allows remote control of the opening or closing of the 4M dome shutter. For operation, it requires the Arduino Card.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome Arduino Card ver. 1.3

This module is designed to control the astronomical observatory and it uses an open source communication protocol. You can control the ScopeDome Arduino Card via Ethernet or USB and it's powered by an external power supply. Two modules can be connected via BlueTooth in Master and Slave modes: the Master module controls the dome's rotation, the Slave module controls the dome's shutter. ScopeDome Arduino Card ver. 1.3 offers also emergency closing of the dome in case of power failure, rain, clouds, and low UPS battery voltage. ScopeDome Arduino Driver comes with an ASCOM driver compatible with ASCOM platform 6.4 to let you control ScopeDome also with the most popular astrophotography softwares.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome Plug & Play option for 4M

The Plug & Play option for ScopeDome 4M is designed for motorized versions of the 4 meter diameter (4M) ScopeDome domes. This accessory allows a quick and immediate wiring of all cables and electrical parts: in this way the realization of the entire dome is made much simpler. For this reason we recommend it to anyone who wants to motorize the ScopeDome dome or want to purchase a motorized ScopeDome dome.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome Cloud and Rain sensor

The ScopeDome Cloud Sensor is a cloud and rain sensor based on sky temperature measurement, dedicated to work with the ScopeDome Arduino card. It allows for the automatic closing of the dome in case of rain or cloud cover. The built-in sensor heating system prevents false alarms caused by dew.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome optional motor heating for 4M

ScopeDome optional motor heating for 4M.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ScopeDome door option for 4M

ScopeDome optional door for 4M.

Do you want to automate and remotely control your ScopeDome and telescope with camera and accessories? Connect the EAGLE to the ScopeDome (via USB or ethernet) and you will be able to control the entire observatory with an handy WiFi connection or with ethernet. Thanks to the EAGLE you will be able to distribute power to all 12V devices on the telescope while dome requires an external power source.

ScopeDome 4M observatory

ATTENTION: Due to its weight, dimensions, special requirements and for safety reasons, this dome can only be ordered with our Installation Service. The 4M dome cannot be constructed safely by the customer. Our experienced team is necessary for the proper and safe construction of this dome. Both the 4M and 5.5M domes can not be flush mounted and either need a special concrete ring foundation, or ScopeDome proprietary steel support structure ring system. After the order, we'll give all tech info and a support ring design so your local building contrator can pour the foundation.

ScopeDome 4M observatory: dimensions

diameter of the dome: 4000 mm
shutter width: 1170 mm
dome height: 2960 mm
diameter of the base: 3500 mm
weight (with pallet): 875 kg



Need help in observatory design and construction?

Thanks to our deep understanding of all the technical specifications and the functions needed for a complete observatory to be really operational, we offer a special service for people (both amateurs and institutions) that want a complete observatory for their hobby, didactic use or work. Thanks to the fact that PrimaLuceLab not only sell all the parts needed for a complete observatory but also design and develops new solutions, our technical team can design and personalize all the instruments (telescope, pier, observatory and control computer) needed to give you a complete system matching your requests. If you're interested, please contact us.

Technical specifications

Forma Circolare
Diametro (metri) 4
Altezza massima (metri) 2,96
Material Vetroresina

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