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  • ScopeDome opzione Plug & Play per 2M ScopeDome opzione Plug & Play per 2M

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ScopeDome 2M observatory with H80 tower

Product code: SCD2MH080

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Quick Overview

ScopeDome 2M with H80 tower is the perfect observatory for people with compact telescopes and that wants to have his instrument always installed in a compact but safe structure! Thanks to the H80 tower that increase internal height to 2340mm, its still possible for a person to be inside the dome and use the telescope. Great mechanical construction, the ScopeDome 2M with H80 tower offers many accessories to motorize dome rotation or shutter and remotely control it.

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ScopeDome 2M observatory with H80 tower: main features

simple and fast installation of the dome,
dome will be delivered to you assembled and tested, its installation does not require more work than a typical installation of the telescope,
the dome is ready for operation immediately after unpacking,
safe (12V DC) power supply for motors, controll card
and heating system,
dome motors and control card can be powered directly from a 12V DC car battery,
the ability to automatically open the shutter on any azimuth using the built-in power ring rotating mechanism (slip ring),
all the shutter rolls and rotating mechanism are hidden inside the dome to protect it from weather,
tightness better then in larger domes, design and production in 3D and CNC technology allowed us to minimize the space between the rotating parts of the dome.

Do you want to automate and remotely control your ScopeDome? By adding the EAGLE not only you will remotely control your telescope but also the ScopeDome that you will be able to open or close to use your instrument and that will automatically rotate by following your telescope position!

ScopeDome 2M observatory with H80 tower

ScopeDome 2M observatory with H80 tower

ScopeDome 2M observatory with H80 tower: dimensions

diameter of the dome: 2000 mm
shutter width: 590 mm
dome height: 1400 mm
diameter of the base: 1940 mm
diameter of the outer base ring: 1940 mm
diameter of the inner base ring: 1820 mm
weight (with pallet): ~ 250 kg
height with H80 tower: 2340 mm

360 degrees internal view of the ScopeDome 2M observatory with H120 tower



Need help in observatory design and construction?

Thanks to our deep understanding of all the technical specifications and the functions needed for a complete observatory to be really operational, we offer a special service for people (both amateurs and institutions) that want a complete observatory for their hobby, didactic use or work. Thanks to the fact that PrimaLuceLab not only sell all the parts needed for a complete observatory but also design and develops new solutions, our technical team can design and personalize all the instruments (telescope, pier, observatory and control computer) needed to give you a complete system matching your requests. If you're interested, please contact us.

Technical specifications

Forma Circolare
Diametro (metri) 2
Altezza massima (metri) 2,34
Apertura e chiusura Manuale
Materiale sostegni No
Material Vetroresina
Certification No

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