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  • Baader 50,8mm BBHS ClickLock diagonal mirror Baader 50,8mm BBHS ClickLock diagonal mirror

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Baader 50,8mm BBHS ClickLock diagonal mirror

Product code: BP2456115

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Quick Overview

Baader 50,8mm BBHS ClickLock diagonal mirror provides greatest reflectance over most spectral range from 390 to 2000nm. The new BBHS (Broad Band Hard Silver) coating with dielectric protective overcoating offers much higher in brilliance than standard dielectric coatings.

On the telescope side this mirror diagonal has a 50,8mm diameter nose. On the eyepiece side is has the 50,8mm ClickLock connection.

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Exclusively available on Baader Sitall Ceramic Mirrors and on selected Baader prism Star Diagonals:

BBHS® stands for Broad Band Hard Silver. When applied onto our Sitall (zero expansion glass-ceramics) substrates, these multiple deposited layers of hard silver are being sealed by a set of dielectric layers to achieve long term durability. With this advance in coating technology our BBHS® coating lifetime equals that of a high quality AlSiO2 coating, matching the durability of standard aluminium coated diagonals (and telescope mirrors) which have been in wide use for many years. The BBHS® spectral bandpass is much wider though, when comparing with our 50 layer all dielectric coatings utilized on the 2" ClickLock Star Diagonals. The all dielectric coating system on the 2" ClickLocks is designed to transport 98 to 99 percent of a spectral window ranging from 400 to ~700 nm - at an angle of exactly 90°. By design, the Baader all dielectric coating system perfectly blocks UV and IR and works as added protective measure when observing the Sun in white light or with H-alpha filters - since only visual wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm will reach focus. BBHS® silver in contrast likewise has 98 to 99% reflective property but delivers a much wider spectral window, ranging from 390 out to 2000 nm - while not being restricted to exactly a 90 ° angle - and with the silver producing absolutely zero scattered light.

With the Baader BBHS® coating a well trained eye absolutely does distinguish more and richer colour on planets such as Jupiter, Mars and even on the moon - especially in conjunction with APO refractors. Predominantly during observation of planetary objects or bright nebulae, even at very high magnification, the BBHS® recipe does intensify colour, especially in the red end of the spectrum. It is quite amazing for many people to learn how very sensitive the human eye really is far out into the UV and NIR - far beyond conventional belief (respectively conventional experience). The brilliance of the BBHS silver when observing with outstanding optics is simply breathtaking.

Technical specifications

Diameter 50,8mm
Optical element Mirror
Coating BBHS

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