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  • TS-Optics torretta binoculare a ingrandimento 1x, zero backfocus e immagine raddrizzata TS-Optics torretta binoculare a ingrandimento 1x, zero backfocus e immagine raddrizzata

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TS-Optics Bino viewer with 1x magnification, zero backfocus and erect image

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TS-Optics special bino viewer for observing through your telescope with both eyes without change in magnification, but with 100% compensation of the optical path. The bino viewer can be used with all telescopes with 1.25" visual back, no additional optical path is required: that's why this bino viewer is particularly suited for Newtonian telescopes and for all telescopes with little backfocus. By using this bino viewer the magnification created by the eyepiece is not changed, in opposite to conventional bino viewers with glass path corrector. Innovative mirror and lenses system for a very well corrected field, high-quality compression ring for 1.25" eyepieces - no tilting even with notch.

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Binocular viewers allow you to observe in the telescope with two eyes instead of one. In this way it is possible to observe finer details, weaker objects and add the sense of depth in the observations of the Universe. But adding a binocular viewer to a telescope is not always possible since classic models request the telescope to have a long focus point extraction (backfocus) from the focuser. This is impossible to have in some telescopes like Newtonians (or Dobsonian) and the user is forced to use Barlow lenses or special correctors that increase the magnification. This way it's impossible to have low magnifications, just the ones that are most important in deep-sky viewing.

The solution: by incorporating a special optical system, this TS-Optics Bino viewer with 1x magnification allow the binocular vision without changing the magnification and focusing is possible with all telescopes without using extenders. More, this bino viewer also correct image orientation.

The optics group of high quality lenses was designed to focus image without causing aberrations. Each element surface is multi coated in order to incredibly reduce light loss. This bino viewer connects to 1.25" visual back and allow to insert two 1.25" eyepieces that are clamped with 2 precise locking rings, thus free from tilting. The interpupillary distance is continously adjustable from 58 mm to 74 mm. With a weight of only 716 grams and dimensions of 127x106x50 mm, the binoviwer is very compact.

Note on eyepieces use:

The effective free aperture diameter is 17.4 mm, which is slightly smaller than the usual binocular device (usually 22 mm): this means vignetting occurs on eyepieces with focal length lower than for the normal bino viewers. But the optical design of this binocular viewer clearly overpass this limitation. For example, we can try to calculate the minimum magnification you can have on a 300mm f/5 Newton telescope by using this bino viewer and a regular one that needs to use 2,7x corrector in order to reach the focus.

1) With regular bino viewer and corrector and a 32mm Plossl eyepiece and 2,7x corrector = (1500 / 32) * 2,7 = 126x

2) With TS-Optics Bino viewer with 1x magnification and 18mm eyepiece = 1500 / 18 = 83x

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