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  • ARCO 2" rotatore robotico ARCO 2" rotatore robotico

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ARCO 2" robotic rotator

Product code: PLLARCO2

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Quick Overview

ARCO 2" is the robotic ARCsecond resolution rOtator, with low-profile and high load capacity, specifically designed to work with ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2. ARCO allows you to rotate the camera without touching the telescope and with the incredible resolution of 1 arcsecond per step, by connecting it with a short cable to ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2. Thanks to the special design, you can rotate even heavy cameras and accessories, without flexures, and control ARCO from EAGLE, any Windows computer or via WiFi from a smartphone or tablet! ARCO will be available in the next few months.

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Connect ARCO 2" to ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2 by using the special port and you won't need other USB or power cables. With ARCO, you can remotely control rotation angle of your camera with an incredible resolution of 1 arcsecond per step!

ARCO 2 robotic rotator

You can connect ARCO 2" to ESATTO 2" and 3" microfocusers (for example by adding the PL3600412 Adapter ESATTO 2" for ARCO 2") and power and control it with the ARCO cable that comes in the box. If you have SESTO SENSO 2 connected to an external focuser, you add the optional PL3600413 2" nosepiece for ARCO 2" to connect ARCO 2" to your focuser.

ARCO 2 robotic rotator

ARCO 2" rotator connected to a focuser by adding the optional PL3600413 2" nosepiece for ARCO 2" and controlled from SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor.

ARCO 2 robotic rotator

Dimensions in millimiters of the ARCO 2" robotic rotator: all the mechanical and electrical parts are included in the aluminum case without protruding parts in order to avoid touching of camera, accessories or telescope. ARCO 2" case thickness is 19.7mm and, by adding the adapter to connect to ESATTO or the one to connect to 2" focuser, total thickness is 21mm.

Please note: in order to be used, ARCO rotator has to be connected to ESATTO microfocuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor. ARCO is not designed as a stand alone unit.

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