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  • AIRY APO104T refractor with field flattener AIRY APO104T refractor with field flattener

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AIRY APO104T refractor with field flattener

Product code: AIRYAPO104TFLAT

Quick Overview

AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor with field flattener, 104mm diameter, 650mm focal length (f6.25), FPL-53 apochromatic 5-elements design (front triplet with 2 ED lenses + rear 2 elements field flattener) with aluminum tube, 2,7" Hybrid-Drive focuser with fine focus knob, 2" GIOTTO filter drawer, manual field rotator, PLUS support rings, transport hard case. AIRY APO104T with field flattener is the perfect telescope for long exposure astrophotography: thanks to perfect color correction, great contrast and large flat field with dedicated field flattener (flat field diameter: 44mm), it creates spectacular images even with big size sensors (like FullFrame ones). Unlike other telescopes with integrated field flattener, you can remove the field flattener and use the telescope without restriction for visual application or for planets and Moon imaging.

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AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor with field flattener, 104mm diameter, 650mm focal length (f6.25), FPL-53 apochromatic 5-elements design (front triplet with 2 ED lenses + rear 2 elements field flattener) with aluminum tube, 2,7" Hybrid-Drive focuser with fine focus knob, 2" filter drawer, PLUS support rings, transport hard case.

The AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor with field flattener offers all this along with other first-class features: 




5-elements apochromatic design

AIRY APO104T uses a 5-elements optical design (front triplet with 2 ED lenses + rear 2 elements field flattener) just designed for astrophotography, offering large 44mm diameter flat field and perfect chromatic aberration! For this reason AIRY APO104T with field flattener is perfect also for the most difficoult astrophotography where very long exposure times are required, even with large sensor size camera!

More, instead of the usual triplets that use one ED lens and two Crown glass lenses, our AIRY APO104T with field flattener uses 2 ED lenses (one FPL-53 and one FPL-51), an innovative solution that allows you to get an even better chromatic aberration correction! The result is a perfect image, without any aberration with the colors that reach perfectly the same point of focus.



Giant Hybrid-Drive da 2,7" focuser, field flattener and GIOTTO filter drawer

One of the strengths of the AIRY APO104T refractor is its wonderful Hybrid-Drive 2,7" focuser. The mechanical building precision eliminates the problem typical of normal Crayford focusers that, during the long exposures required by astrophotography, can have camera slippage moving the sensor out of focus. For this reason we have chosen to provide our AIRY APO104T telescopes with the Hybrid-Drive 2,7" focuser that adds, under the focuser tube, a rack and pinion thereby maintaining in position even heavy cameras (load capacity of up 8 Kg). Below the focuser there's also a locking screw: closing it, you will be sure that your camera will not move any more!

The field flattener is directly threaded on the focuser's tube to avoid flexions and the focuser also features a convenient 1:11 fine focus gear, particularly useful when you need to focus at high magnification. On the back of the focuser there is an M48 thread (48x0,75) to connect photographic equipment (requested backfocus: 55mm). You can convert M48 thread to T2 with the included T2 (M42x0,75) adapter. This way you can connect any photographic instrument (like a camera) that comes with T2 ring, keeping the same 55mm backfocus distance. The focuser has a very long travel (95mm) to allow the use of both photographic (cameras with accessories) and visual (eyepieces and mirror diagonal) instruments. For visual use, we recommend our 50.8mm XP dielectric mirror diagonal.

Immediately in front of the flattener there is the GIOTTO 50,8mm filter slider. The filter slider has a drawer where you can insert any 50.8 mm diameter filter (equipped with m48x0,75 thread and with cell thickness up to 7mm). With the GIOTTO filter slider you can easily change the filter with a convenient snap mechanism without removing your camera! A conveniente rotator field, that oomplete the included photographic accessories, allows you to rotate the entire rear part of the focuser: this way you can adjust the imaging object framing, keeping the focus point.




OnAxisLock 50,8mm locking device (optional)

Unlike other telescopes with integrated field flattener, you can remove the AIRY APO104T field flattener and use the telescope without restriction for visual application or for planets and Moon imaging. You simply have to thread (instead of the field flattener) the optional OnAxisLock 50,8mm eyepiece holder for 2,7" Hybrid-Drive focusers and you will have the 50,8mm connection in order to use various accessories like eyepieces, mirror diagonals or Barlow lenses.

The OnAxisLock locking device allows you to perfectly lock the inserted accessory by rotating the outer (red) ring (instead of normal thumbscrews as in other telescopes): a special inner ring tightens accessories with a uniform pressure. The OnAxisLock device also helps keep perfectly aligned on axis the accessories inserted into the focuser: you'll be so sure that the connected accessory will be perfectly centered in the telescope optical axis. 




Precision mechanical construction and 360° quality

You will be amazed of the mechanical quality of our AIRY APO104T with field flattener: full aluminum intubation made with precision CNC machine is rugged yet lightweight. All the components are treated at the highest levels to provide an instrument with which is a real pleasure to photograph or watch the sky! 

The aluminum front dew shield can be closed to make the telescope more transportable. The front cap is completely aluminum made. The focuser can be rotated freely through 360 degrees (without changing the focus point) to position the camera with the right angle and perfectly frame the object you want to record. The AIRY APO104T refractor with field flattener is an optics and mechanics jewel, and to carry it or keep it protected at best, it comes with a beautiful aluminum hard case.



PLUS system support rings:

Forget about the uncomfortable and weak support rings that are often found in cheap telescopes! Our AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor has beautiful aluminum anodized support rings, made with high precision CNC machines, which are part of the PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) system. This gives you maximum freedom in adapting the telescope to your request; at the same time, it has all the threaded holes, holes and slots suitable for connecting all the PLUS compatible elements, always with simple M6 screws.

For example, you can choose to install either a Losmandy or Vixen plate type, or you can use the holes in the upper part of the rings to install a telescope in parallel (through the guide rings PLUS compatible) or another dovetail plat equals to one located below the telescope (to position where you want guide rings or to allow the sliding Vixen + Losmandy dovetail clamp).





A complete line of dedicated accessories:

Our complete line of accessories for AIRY let you personalize your telescope according to your needs. Always with quality and operating certificated instruments!




4 years extended warranty and Q-certified controls

All our AIRY apochromatic refractors are equipped with extended warranty, 4 years (instead of 2 of the most telescopes)! This way you will be sure not only to have a great product but also with quality that lasts over time! Each telescope is identified by a unique serial number which is also listed in the manual provided with the package. But our innovation doesn't end there.

In fact we have developed Q-certified, a comprehensive control system that we work out in our laboratory prior to shipment and delivery of the product you ordered. In fact, before delivering the AIRY APO104T telescope, we test the collimation and the perfect functioning of all mechanical components.

In addition, we pay much attention and care to shipping, carrying a sturdy packaging and giving it to the courier service. We want to be sure that you will receive your new AIRY APO104T not only in the shortest possible time but also with utmost care.



Left: every AIRY telescope is identified by a unique serial number. Right: functional and collimation verification of optics on optical bench.




AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor with field flattener - scope of delivery:

- AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor optical tube (D: 104mm F:650mm f/6.25)

Aluminum intubation

2,7" Hybrid-Drive focuser with 1:11 fine focus

- Field flattener with M48 connection and T2 adapter

- GIOTTO filter drawer for 50,8mm filter

- Manual field rotator

Retractable dewshield

- PLUS support rings

- Aluminum hard case





In this video Filippo presents the AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor and explain its main features, especially for astrophotography:






M31 galaxy recorded by Domenico De Luca with AIRY APO104T with field flattener and SBIG ST-8300M camera.




NGC7023 nebula recorded by Fabio Semeraro with AIRY APO104T with field flattener and QHY9M camera.





Sir George Biddell Airy

Sir George Biddell Airy (27 July 1801 – 2 January 1892) was an English mathematician and astronomer, Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881. His many achievements include work on planetary orbits, measuring the mean density of the Earth, a method of solution of two-dimensional problems in solid mechanics and, in his role as Astronomer Royal, establishing Greenwich as the location of the prime meridian. 

from: Wikipedia

Technical specifications

Optical Design Apochromat
Optics Apocromatico a 5 elementi (tripletto anteriore + spianatore posteriore a 2 elementi)
Diameter (mm) 104mm
Focal Length (mm) 650mm
Focal Ratio 6.25
Field flattener/corrector Included and removable
Optical Tube Aluminium
Obstruction No
Focuser 2,7" pignone e cremagliera Hybrid–Drive, micrometrico
Eyepiece holder No
Weight 6,2 Kg
Hard/soft case Hard case

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  1. THE Ferrari© of Telescopes! review by Ioan on 10/13/2016

    Just received my 104T and accessories. As an international purchaser from Romania, I did not feel any hindrance due to communication, as the whole staff speaks perfect English. No unreturned calls or emails, no frustration or haste sensed on the seller's side. I bombarded them with 100 pre-purchase questions, and Filippo personally has responded all of them in due time (usually the same day). He was also available on Skype, which was a nice treat. I got to discuss all pre-purchase questions and concerns directly with the owners/CEO, which is not your everyday shop experience for state-of-the-art instruments when bought with online distributors and not the actual brand shop. The intra focal and extra focal collimation test pictures were sent in advance. Just perfect. In one word, the level of personal, customised service you get when you set your sight on one of their products matches the quality of the product.

    The shipment was done next day after the payment (just cause I paid late that day), and arrived in exactly the time published on the website, via UPS. The boxes the OTA and accessories came in looked newly produced, undamaged, extremely well wrapped and bubbled for extra safety, not as with other OTAs and accessories I bough from large online distributors (damaged, old, smelling like mildew as if stored in a basement, made in C...a markings etc.). No scratches on the products, no defects, no dusts, no miss-colorations, no part sitting otherwise than as supposed to, nothing to complain about, products just as they've been taken out from the production line a minute ago, no hands involved. As a bonus, they also sent a bunch of additional screws which would fit in the focuser holes, should I need to attach additional accessories in the future. You know how it is when you need one to fit in your OTA and can't find the right dimension...

    Now to the OTA. It is truly The Ferrari of telescopes. When seeing, touching and working the mechanics of the 104T, you get the same feeling as driving the famous Italian supercar. Nothing compares to it. The materials and the engineering design of this piece of art leaves absolutely nothing to desire, and go beyond of what myself could have imagined, should I ever wanted to design a telescope and rings systems. Only very talented, dedicated, experienced, competent and passionate people can put so much care and attention to detail as in this product and the PLUS system. I guess they got sick waiting for somebody else to do something like this, so they decided to design and produce it by themselves.

    You should be assured my enthusiasm is genuine, whereas any exaggerations, although I made none, would still make justice for this product. The simplest description of the 104T is this: imagine a telescope just as you'd want it, increase that expectation by 100% (if you can, or if you can't, then try to theorize) and then be sure that's what you'll get in the box at your door. And I mean design, mechanics, feel, colour, optics, fitness of various parts and accessories etc. You name it.

    I'm a very critical and analytical individual, taking my time before each purchase, and a perfectionist. This was one of those very rare occasions when I simply can't complain about anything, both on the shopping experience as well as on the products themselves. If you plan to buy your ultimate portable telescope with these specifications (f rate etc.), then the 104T would be the right choice. Unless the technology will change to make the current known best telescope designs, optics and builds obsolete, you won't feel any desire or need to look for something different. I'm sure I won't, as I'm sure this telescope will bring countless wondrous skies in my life and to my family for many years to come.

  2. Incredibile ma vero (sono ironico): NON COMPRATELO! :) review by Francesco on 10/7/2015

    Premessa: ho avuto l'Airy APO80. Sono passato al 104T. Conosco le due ottiche per esperienza diretta.
    Che cosa posso dire del 104T.
    State cercando STELLE PUNTIFORMI? Non comprate il 104T: le stelle sono TROPPO puntiformi.
    State cercando un ELEVATO CONTRASTO? Non comprate il 104T: il contrasto è davvero ELEVATO.
    Il FOCHEGGIATORE? vi piacciono tanto i Crayford? Ecco questo Hybrid Drive da 3" al contrario è MONOLITICO.
    Quindi se siete deboli di cuore, avete paura e non ve la sentite di acquistare un tripletto apocromatico così robusto e performante sotto tanti punti (e a che prezzo!) di vista NON FATELO!
    Inizialmente scettico, ho pensato che le recensioni qui presenti fossero le solite dettate dall'entusiasmo degli utenti che hanno fatto il loro acquisto. Ecco... posso dire che le descrizioni qui presenti NON corrispondono al vero! Non vi fidate! il risultato che otterrete sarà MOLTO al di LA' delle vostre aspettative! Mi aspettavo "meno roba" da questo tripletto invece no: il risultato è talmente superiore da far cadere... la mandibola! Altra "pecca" è l'assistenza: troppe ore mi sono state dedicate. Troppe.... dai! Troppo tempo a spiegare tutto per bene per filo e per segno, troppo tempo speso in dettagli. Troppo tempo trascorso personalmente da Filippo (anche oltre all'orario di chiusura...) per provare la migliore combinazione possibile tra le opzioni del sistema PLUS e gli anelli per il tele di guida... Tutta questa cura maniacale per i dettagli... dai diciamolo: è fastidiosa! Di solito uno compra e torna dove lo maltrattano...
    AIRY APO 104T: può essere considerato lo strumento definitivo per l'astrofotografia? Sarà difficile per PrimaLuceLab superarsi dopo aver creato questo gioiello.
    OnAxisLock: che roba è? Un'altra trovata commerciale? Bene, bravi! Sappiate che le vostre peggiori foto le avete già fatte; adesso provate a inserire un accessorio con naso da 2" e a bloccarlo con l'OAL. Ecco. Perfettamente "Coassiale": no, non è una parolaccia.
    Con AIRY APO 104T si cade in piedi! Difetti: ma quali difetti? Ma per favore!!! Muovetevi a piazzare il vostro ordine! maledetti prezzo? Si: è troppo basso e speriamo che non se ne accorgano.

  3. Stupendo review by Alberto78 on 7/20/2015

    Arrivato il gioiellino PrimaLuceLab. Esteticamente è eccelso. Intubazione da manuale. Il focheggiatore è un capolavoro di robustezza e qualità meccanica. Validissimo il sistema OAL che serra alla perfezione diagonali od oculari autocentrandoli. Paraluce retrattile veramente ben fatto e funzionale. Non l'ho ancora provato sul campo ma le premesse sono davvero confortanti. A vista ottimo trattamento antiriflesso delle lenti ed opacizzazione interna del tubo con diaframmi a lama di rasoio. Insomma....che dire....avendolo in mano si capisce veramente la qualità costruttiva delle aziende italiane!! Non ha nulla da invidiare a rifrattori ben più blasonati, anzi.... Infine un grazie al Dott. Filippo Bradaschia per la gentilezza e cura nella gestione dell'ordine.

  4. Primo impatto review by Domenico1984 on 3/1/2015

    Primo impatto.....CAPOLAVORO!!! Difetti? Nessuno!!!! Esteticamente perfetto. Parlando tecnicamente...sarà un punto di riferimento per l'astrofotografia??
    L'ho provato ieri con la luna molto alta e un cielo molto velato... Ho fatto ugualmente un RGB per vedere eventuali residui cromatici. Il risultato è stato sensazionale.. Giuro è la prima vola che rimango affascinato, personalmente sono MOOOOLTO pignolo... Complimenti!!!!

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