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  • Telescopio rifrattore computerizzato AIRY Professional con EAGLE S Telescopio rifrattore computerizzato AIRY Professional con EAGLE S

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AIRY PROFESSIONAL computerized refractor telescope with AZ-EQ6 SynScan and EAGLE2

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Quick Overview

AIRY Professional with EAGLE2 is the computerized refractor telescope perfect for astrophotography: thanks to EAGLE2 you can remotely control it using WiFi from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer). High quality optics with dedicated field flattener is corrected also for largest sensors, up to FullFrame.

Complete computerized telescope made up of: 104mm apochromatic refractor with dedicated field flattener, PLUS 240mm Losmandy dovetail bar, SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan equatorial mount, EAGLE2 advanced control unit for astrophotography and autoguide kit (composed by 60mm CompactGuide scope, QHY5-L mono guide camera and PUS 90mm guide rings).

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Our AIRY Professional computerized telescope offers the power and quality generated by our best 104mm diameter apochromatic refractor combined with the precision and advanced functionality of the AZ-EQ6 SynScan computerized mount. All in a product without compromises but jet portable. With AIRY Professional you will have an instrument with:

- 104mm diameter apochromatic telescope, powerful yet portable

automatic goto computer that point and track objects you want to see and photograph

- EAGLE2 control unit to control the entire telescope using WiFi from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer)

autoguide kit composed by PLUS guide rings, 60mm CompactGuide scope and QHY5L-II mono guide camera



Our complete telescopes are designed to offer secure and reliable systems, perfect for astrophotography. In fact, we test all our products to offer integrated solutions that, if you want, you can further enhance and customize.


AIRY APO104T apochromatic refractor optical tube 

AIRY APO104T uses a 5-elements optical design (front triplet with 2 ED lenses + rear 2 elements field flattener) just designed for astrophotography, offering large 44mm diameter flat field and perfect chromatic aberration! For this reason AIRY APO104T with field flattener is perfect also for the most difficult astrophotography where very long exposure times are required, even with large sensor size camera!

More, instead of the usual triplets that use one ED lens and two Crown glass lenses, our AIRY APO104T with field flattener uses 2 ED lenses (one FPL-53 and one FPL-51), an innovative solution that allows you to get an even better chromatic aberration correction! The result is a perfect image, without any aberration with the colors that reach perfectly the same point of focus.



AZ-EQ6 SynScan computerized mount

The SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan mount is the best German equatorial mount in its price range with a load capacity of up to 20 kg (about 14 lbs for photographic use). The AZ-EQ6 SynScan mount provides a precise micro-step motors on both axes, automatic goto and tracking SynScan computer, illuminated polar finder, 2 counterweights 5 kg each and a stable steel tripod with adjustable height.

The AZ-EQ6 SynScan offers many technical innovations and additional features: ability to use in alt-azimuth mode (added to the equatorial one) also with two telescopes in parallel, encoder on both axes to manually move the mount without losing the sky alignment, motors with belt drive for a more precise movement, increased counterweight shaft and new mechanics for polar alignment.



EAGLE2 for AIRY Professional:

Telescopes can be connected to an external computer for remote control and to expand use possibilities: for example they can be driven by PC using a planetary software that shows the sky charts and the objects positions.

Yesterday you used your notebook computers which required large and heavy batteries to be powered all the night long (especially during long exposures in astrophotography). More, thanks to a very low power consumption, you can power the entire telescope with a smaller and easier to transport battery.



Autoguide kit for AIRY Professional:

This kit is the perfect solution for those looking for everything you need to start autoguiding for long exposition astrophotography. It includes everything you need for the guide and it's perfect for installation in parallel of AIRY Professional telescope.

Autoguide kit consists of 80mm PLUS guide rings, 60mm CompactGuide scope, QHY5L-II monochrome guide camera. The guide scope has a non-rotatable helical focuser for precision focusing and a quick release device of the focuser to have a high focus travel. The QHY5L-II guide camera has a sensitive monochrome sensor to easily find the guide stars.




The security of your purchase: Q-certified

We often hear users are not sure about purchasing: is the telescope collimated? Has the operation been verified? Does the focuser work?

For this reason, we have developed Q-certified, a comprehensive control system that we work out in our laboratory prior to shipment and delivery of the product you ordered. In fact, before delivering the AIRY Professional telescope, we test the collimation and the perfect functioning of all mechanical components.

In addition, we pay much attention and care to shipping, carrying a sturdy packaging and giving it to the courier service. We want to be sure that you will receive your new AIRY Professional not only in the shortest possible time but also with utmost care.


Technical specifications

Diameter (mm) 104mm
Focal length (mm): 650mm
Focal ratio: f/6.25
Mount: German computerized
Portability Good
Weight (Kg): 39 Kg

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