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We develop innovations in astronomy market for amateur astronomers, schools, universities, even for research!


With a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert users, PrimaLuceLab creates innovative products for astronomy like EAGLE control unit, ESATTO robotic microfocuser, SESTO SENSO motorized focuser, ECCO environmental controller and PLUS mechanical system.








Filippo Bradaschia - CEO

Filippo graduated in Geology from the University of Trieste where he subsequently obtained a PhD in Geomatics. He has been engaged professionally for many years in scientific, technical and commercial aspects of astronomy and radio astronomy.

He acquired a broad technical knowledge of operational systems with optical and radio instrumentation and published the book "Radio Astronomy, Introduction to the invisible sky" which is available in both Italian and English.



Omar Cauz - CTO

Omar graduated in Electronics and Informatics entering immediately into the production world, where he gained extensive experience in complete mechanical production management: from design to finished product.

An amateur astronomer for many years, especially devoted to astrophotography with cooled cameras. At PrimaLuceLab he occupies the role of CTO and is responsible for the design and development of our products.




Paolo Cattapan - CFO

Long-time engineer, Paolo has held top positions in private companies, was entrepreneur, and in the research world, was responsible for the application of research results and the creation of new innovative companies for many years.

On the model of the Californian new-co Paolo is part of the group PrimaLuceLab with the role of CEO-Mentor and decision support.




Thomas Bramwell - Director of Operations North America

Engineer from Silicon Valley for 20 years, camera addict, telescope junkie. Tom is happiest while out under the darkiest California skies, gathering photons, and looking for ways to make things easier and more fun for astrophotographers.

Tom handles hardware and software support for cusomers located in the United States, Canada and Mexico to bring the spirit of PrimaLuceLabs to the North America.




Stefano Antonutti - Radio astronomy technical support

Stefano graduated in electronics and electrical engineering, and has an intense interest in space and amateur telecommunications. He has worked for many years in the field of office automation, covering various jobs prior to coming to PrimaLuceLab where he has returned to the first love: radio astronomy.

An expert in radio reception, he deals with the engineering and optimization of Radio2Space receivers and telescopes.




Marco Luchetta - Astronomy technical support

Marco graduated in electronics and electrical engineering. He has had experience in both the mechanical  and in commercial sectors in both Italy and England, where he lived for several years.

Passionate about photography in general, he's never strayed from his DSLR camera and his collection of lenses. From many years he has been an active amateur astronomer with particular interest in astrophotography.




Massimo Di Palma - Systems Integration and Test

Massimo graduated in electronics where he worked in the design of automatic hardware and software testing systems for the tv/appliance industry.

An export in digital systems, Massimo deals with the production and testing of PrimaLuceLab's electronic devices.




Dario Gava - Systems Integration and Test

A construction expert, Dario has occupied various roles in mechanical carpentry and precision machining.

Keen on electronics and computer science, he owns the construction and assembly of Radio2Space radio telescopes and PrimaLuceLab astrophotography products.




Martina Facchini - Administration manager

Martina graduated with a degree in political science, where she handled the administration several different companies, eventually specialing in marketing related to the world of motorsport.

Passionate about travel and nature, she loves horseback riding and hiking in the nearby Dolomites mountains, where she is never without her favorite camera!





Buying in our website you can choose within a large variety of products and systems that we select, test, guarantee and offer always at the best value-for-money. In case of doubts or need of help we are happy to assist you by phone (+39/0434/1696106) or via mail ([email protected]). We will be very pleased to help you create the system most suitable to your experience, objectives and budget. We strongly believe that any need of yours is our priority and will reply you with the best promptness.





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