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  • 50,8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain 50,8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain

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50,8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain

Product code: PLL-FHDSC50

Quick Overview

The popular Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes have an internal focuser that moves the primary mirror of the telescope. When you focus on a high magnification is normal to note that the image moves and this can be a big problem when using planetary cameras (that have small sensors) to record pictures of the Moon and planets.

Our Hybrid-Drive 50.8mm focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain solves this problem by being screwed to the rear of the telescopes SC thread.

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Often the classic Crayford focusers are not able to keep perfectly in position the cameras or heavier visual accessories causing a continuous loss of focus. Our new 50.8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain adds, below the focuser tube, a rack and pinion thus keeping even heavier instruments in position (load capacity up to 3 Kg). Below the focuser there is also a locking screw: closing it, you will be sure that your camera will not move any more!

The 50.8mm Hybrid-Drive focuser presents the connection for 50.8mm and 31.8mm accessories (comes with a handy 31.8mm reducer). It also features a convenient 1:11 fine focus gear, particularly useful when you need to focus at high magnification (for example, when taking pictures of the Moon or planets)

The focuser screws directly into the rear thread of Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes providing a connection for both 50.8mm and 31.8mm accessories. It also adds to these telescopes the fine focus and eliminates the image shift problem (shift of the image when you focus using the internal SC focuser).

Technical specifications

Type: Hybrid-Drive
For telescopes Schmidt-Cassegrain
Diameter 50,8mm with 31,8mm adapter
Micrometric focus knob Yes
Loading up to (Kg) 3
Travel (mm) 25
Thickness when closed (mm) 100

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  1. Ottimo! review by CrzHrs on 3/7/2017

    Ottimo focheggiatore, morbido come il burro e perfettamente lineare. Un must have, installato su un C9.25 e mai più tolto

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